Collegial tourism program

Travel & Tourism Collegial Program

Program description

This Travel and tourism collegial program consists of 12 courses, including an on-the- job training session. This complete 570-hour training is given at an accelerated pace over six months or more. Thanks to its well-balanced structure and constantly updated curriculum, you will rapidly find employment in the various sectors of the travel industry.

The pedagogical approach is entirely focused on you learning to immediately apply the practical knowledge obtained to real-life situations in the industry.

Upon graduation, you will receive an Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC, LCL.16). and you will be very well prepared to join the workforce. The courses offered focus on the practical and thus respond favorably to the expectations of the employers in the travel industry.


  • Acquire and develop the technical knowledge needed in today’s travel industry
  • Evaluate and discuss the trends affecting the industry, the consolidation of the principle players, and the relationships that exist among the major suppliers in the travel industry.
  • Learn how to bring together the various components that make up an organized tour, and how to market the finished product.
  • Analyze and fully understand the tourism potential of many international destinations.
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Course content

414 EGT AF – Tourism geography

414 FSO AF – Sun destinations

414 GEU AF – Europe

414 HEX AF – Exotic destinations

414 AT1 AF – Travel organization

414 CT3 AF – International fares (SABRE)

414 DT4 AF – Integration (SABRE-PC WEB-SIREV-etc.)

414 JV1 AF – Tourism products and services

414 KV2 AF – Specialty travel

414 LV3 AF – Design of a specialized tour

414 STG AF  ̶  On-the-job training


Collège April-Fortier is the most important career school specializing in the Canadian travel Industry. Many employers in the industry count on the placement service of the College in order to meet their manpower requirements. Since its opening in 1979, the Collège and its founders have received more than 10 awards in recognition of the high quality training that is offered to its students. For example, Normand Fortier, President and co-founder of the Collège, was recently inducted into the Transat Hall of Fame in part for his contribution to the stellar growth of the travel industry of Québec.

The training program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC) and is recognized by the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de la Science. Collège April-Fortier is a member of several organizations and associations (ACTA, AAVQ, SKAL, NACC and CCNS).

Highlights of our program

  • Specialized school in the tourism sector
  • Training in tune with the current requirements of the travel industry
  • Excellent success rate by our graduates taking the OPC exam
  • Instructors actively involved in the travel industry
  • A small college able to offer a friendly and personalized attention to our students
  • A highly motivated and determined student body


6 to 12 months according to the selected schedule

Regular schedules

Daytime schedules: 2, 3 or 4 days a week, from 9 :30AM to 4:50PM

Evening and Saturday schedules: evenings, from 6:30PM to 9:45PM and Saturday from 9:00AM to 4:30PM


This program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC).

Customized schedules

Do you have limited availabilities? Contact us and we will create a made-to-measure schedule based on your availability.

Upcoming sessions

Spring 2024

  • Day classes in English: January 10
  • Day classes Bilingual: March 20
  • Day classes in French:  March 20 & May 27
  • Evening classes and Saturdays in French:  March 21

Fall 2024

  • Day classes in English: September 10
  • Day classes Bilingual: September 10 & November 5
  • Day classes in French: September 10 & November 5
  • Evening classes and Saturdays in French: September 12 & November 12

Winter 2025

  • Day classes in English: January 14
  • Day classes Bilingual: January 14
  • Day classes in French: January 14
  • Evening classes and Saturdays in French: January 21

Consult the calendar for other start dates. We have many departures through the year

Exceptional career opportunities

Upon completion of the course, you may find employment in both leisure and corporate travel agencies, at the various tour operators, airlines, tourism bureaus, and travel insurance companies. In fact, job opportunities can be found in all travel industry-related companies. We have an in-house job placement assistance department which can help in finding the right internship or future job. Arrange an appointment with one of our admission counsellors or join us for one of our info-careers soirées to learn more about job opportunities in the travel industry. Watch our video clips of some of our graduates on the job and of several employers in the industry to learn more of what this exciting travel industry has to offer.

Even with the current situation (pandemic) we receive more job offerts than the number of graduates.


To register, contact us at 514-878-1414 (Toll-free: 1-888-878-1414) or e-mail us at or complete the online admission form.


Meet with one of our admissions counselors

Come in and meet one of our admissions counselors and receive first-hand information about course content and the various career opportunities available to you upon completion. Call us to make an appointment.


Admission requirements

Have received past studies considered sufficient by the College and meets the conditions stipulated in the College Education regulations of the MESRS.

Access the section Admission Requirements to obtain further information.

Contact a representative today

514-878-1414   /   1-888-878-1414
ou by email

Career information events

 Tuesday July 9, 2024

Opportunities in tourism industry

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