Info-careers soirée

Info-Careers information session

February 15, 18h30  (in French) – Career in the travel industry

Collège April-Fortier invites you to attend a presentation on all career opportunities available in the travel industry.

Employers and former graduates will be present to give you a taste of what this wonderful world of travel can offer you.


February 23, 18h30  (in French) – Career as a flight attendant


Collège April-Fortier invites you to attend this presentation to get more information on the flight attendant job.

Former graduates will be present to share their experience and give you more information on .



These are some of the questions that our invitees and team members can answer during the info-careers soirée.

  • What types of jobs are available?
  • Who are the employers?
  • What happens on a typical day on the job?
  • What are the opportunities for advancement?


COVID-19 : As travelers have put their travel plans on hold this year, pent-up travel demand for next year is at an all-time high. We are already in a situation where the demand for trained personnel  outnumber the very limited supply.  Just in the last 4 weeks, we received more jobs offers than the number of graduates that completed the program this summer.  Start your training now to be ready for the comeback when the pandemic would be over!


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