Financial aid

Financial aid

Financial aid for education expenses loan program

The program available at Collège April-Fortier is recognized by ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de la Science, and as a result, the majority of students, both full-time and part-time, may be eligible to obtain financial aid from the government. Our admissions counsellors can determine the eligible amounts available, and assist you in the process. The majority of our students take advantage of this program to finance their studies.

The loans offered through the financial aid program offer the following advantages:

  • no interest to pay during your studies
  • cover the complete tuition costs and part of the subsistence costs
  • flexible reimbursement options up to 10 year terms
  • preferential interest rates
  • interest is tax-deductable

Tax credits for post-secondary studies

Our students benefit from a tax-credit of 25% and more of the total cost of tuition. The Collège will forward a T2202A and a Schedule 8 form to be used in claiming your tax-credit when submitting your federal and provincial income tax returns. You must claim your tax-credits within 5 years.


1. Tax credits on tuition fees

Students can claim non-refundable tax credits equivalent to 36% of the tuition fees (8% provincial and 16% federal)

(Consult Schedule 11 of the federal income tax form and Annex T of the provincial income tax form for more information).

2. Tax credits on education amounts

Students can claim a tax credit of 16% (federal only) for the time they are enrolled. The amount is calculated on the number of months enrolled multiplied by $400. for full-time students, and by $120. for part-time students.

(Consult Schedule 11 of the federal income tax form and Annex T of the provincial income tax form for more information).

3. Tax credits on interest paid on student loans

Students can claim tax credits equivalent to 25% of the interest charges paid on student loans (8% provincial and 16% federal). Please note that student loans are interest-free for full-time students until the completion of the program.

(Consult Annex 1, line 31 of the federal income tax form and Annex M of the provincial income tax form for more information).

4. Tax credits for parents and spouse

Your parents, spouse, or someone who had custody and supervision can receive a tax credit for the session which you completed on a full-time basis.

(Consult the provincial income tax guide on line 367)

If these tax credits cannot be applied in full at the end of the program, they may be carried forward to a future year or transfer some to a parent or spouse.

Make an appointment with an admissions counsellor.