Foreign students


Since it is possible to complete the session in less than six months, a study permit is not required. Depending on your citizenship, a tourist visa may be required to enter Canada for a temporary stay. Please contact the Canadian Embassy or High Commissioner nearest you to determine the requirements, or visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Collège April-Fortier recommends to all its foreign students, especially those requiring a visa, to request a study permit nonetheless. In the event, where you need to prolong your studies, the procedures will be much simpler.

For students arriving from the USA and most European countries, a visa or study permit is generally not required if you are planning to complete your studies within six months.

If you select this option, you need only arrive in Canada a few days prior to the start of the session which runs for five and a half months. It will be your responsibility to complete your studies within the time allowed.


How to enroll at Collège April-Fortier:


  1. Admission form

Complete the admission form and send in a copy of your birth certificate, diplomas, transcript of marks, and your resumé by mail or e-mail.

  1. Review of your file

Once we have received your documents, we will review your file. In order to validate your knowledge of English and French as well as your general knowledge, a telephone interview may follow. Up to this stage, there are no fees associated with this process.

  1. Registration

If you are accepted, a $1,500.00 deposit is required. Once received, you will receive an acknowledgement letter confirming your acceptance at Collège April-Fortier. This letter will allow you to request your certificate of acceptance from Quebec (CAQ) and following this, your study permit or tourist visa from the Canadian Embassy.

If your request for a study permit or visa is rejected, Collège April-Fortier will refund you $1250.00 (less bank charges, if applicable) upon receipt of a written rejection notice. The registration fee of $250.00 and any bank charges are non-refundable.

The total tuition for foreign students is $8,800. This amount includes the initial deposit of $1,500.

* Fees associated with bank money transfers are to be paid by the student, and they may amount to approximately $15. per transfer.