Foreign students


How to enroll at Collège April-Fortier:


  1. Admission form

Open a web account and complete the admission form on the portal for international students

  1. Review of your file

Once  your documents has been received, we will review your file. In order to validate your knowledge of English and French as well as your general knowledge, a telephone interview may follow. Once the first eligibility  has been confirmed, a $50 fee will be charged for admission process.

  1. Registration

If you are accepted, a $200 deposit is required. Once received, you will receive an acknowledgement letter confirming your registration at Collège April-Fortier. This letter will allow you to request your certificate of acceptance from Quebec (CAQ) and following this, your study permit or tourist visa from the Canadian Embassy.

The admission and registration fees of $250.00 and any bank charges from your financial instituation are non-refundable.

The tuition fees for foreign students are 9 500$.

The tuition fees for foreign students with the french citizenship are 8300$.  (franco-québec agreement)