Admission requirements

Admission requirements

A person may be admitted to a program of studies leading to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC) if he or she has received instruction considered sufficient by the college and meets any of the following conditions stipulated in by-law 4 of the RREC (College Education Regulations):

  • the person has pursued postsecondary studies for at least 1 year
  • the person’s studies have been interrupted for at least 2 consecutive terms or 1 school year;
  • the person is covered by an agreement entered into between the college and an employer or by a government program of studies; or
  • the person has pursued postsecondary studies for at least 1 year


The training must be considered sufficient by the Collège:

  • Secondary 5 or equivalence,
  • life experience
  • good knowledge of French and English
  • passionate about travel

The Admissions department of the Collège is keen on meeting each candidate wishing to enroll in the program. During the interview, the criteria for admission will be evaluated and all documents will be verified. Our goal is to determine if the candidate is sufficiently motivated, able to successfully complete the program, and capable of entering the workforce in the travel industry.

The Collège will favor those candidates holding a Secondary 5 diploma; however, a candidate may be admitted as an adult if not holding a secondary 5 diploma or an equivalence. Admission, in this case, will be determined on criteria such as motivation, work and travel experience, general education, and knowledge of languages. The candidate will also be asked to complete an admission test.

The Collège reserves its right to require the taking of an admission test by any candidate it deems doubtful of achieving academic success.

Collège April-Fortier reserves its right to refuse any person it deems doubtful of finding employment in the travel industry.