General knowledge

Question 1
What is the Taj Mahal?

Question 2
Covering 243 km, the “Great Ocean Road” is located along the southeast coast of which country?

Question 3
What is the capital of Australia?

Question 4
In March 2011, in which country did an earthquake cause the explosion of several reactors of a nuclear plant?

Question 5
In 2014, which was the most populated city in the world?

Question 6
What is the most easterly point in North America?

Question 7
Who am I? – Became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2013 – The peak is 3776 meters high – Volcanic cone perfectly cylindrical – Highest mountain in Japan

Question 8
How many people have the right to enter Machu Picchu each day?

Question 9
Who am I? – I am the second largest city in the country – I was founded by the Dutch East India Company in 1642 – We recognize me because of my symbol: Table Mountain

Question 10
What is the most southwestern part of Africa?

Question 11
Who am I? – We are on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia – We are 108 meters high and 1.7 km wide – You can enjoy my cool water in the Devil’s Pool

Question 12
During a safari, what are the Big Five?

Question 13
What is the highest peak in Tanzania?

Question 14
Discovered in 1940 near Montignac in France, why is the cave of Lascaux famous?

Question 15
Who am I? – My source is Lake Victoria in Uganda – I flow through 10 countries – I’m one of the longest rivers in the world

Question 16
Who am I? – We are located in Egypt – In the 1960s, we have been moved stone by stone by UNESCO to save us from the waters of the future Lake Nasser – We are two temples

Question 17
Who am I? – We are three – We are the tombs of powerful kings – We are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – Our construction remains a mystery

Question 18
Near Cairo is a statue of a human head and lion’s body. What is its name?

Question 19
What is the capital of Morocco?

Question 20
In Morocco, what are the four imperial cities?

Question 21
Who am I? – I am consideredf the door of the Sahara Desert – I am located in Morocco – You can visit the Atlas Studios, where many movies and TV series like Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, Babel, Gladiator and Game of Thrones (seasons 1 and 3) were produced

Question 22
In which country is the largest coral barrier reef of the northern hemisphere?

Question 23
In which country is Takalik Abaj, the Mayan archeological site with the oldest sculpted monuments ever discovered?

Question 24
Who am I? – I am a city where one finds a UNESCO site – I am often referred to as the “Paris of the Mayan world” – I was one of the most important Mayan cities – I am also home to the most modern museum of the Mayan world

Question 25
Which is not a Hawaiian island?

Question 26
What famous city was covered in ash following the eruption of Vesuvius?

Question 27
In which country can we find Mount Vesuvius?

Question 28
What Chilean city is known for the quality of its graffiti?

Question 29
What is the official language of Brazil?

Question 30
Who am I? – I am the largest lake in Central America – I am the only lake in the world with freshwater sharks – I surround Ometepe, the largest island of any lake in the world I have two volcanic islands

Question 31
What is the name the currency of Hungary?

Question 32
What is the highest capital in the world?

Question 33
What is the name of the most navigable lake located at the highest altitude on Earth?

Question 34
Where does one find the “Promenade des Anglais”?

Question 35
Where do we find the Promenade de la Croisette?

Question 36
Where do they celebrate Holi, the festival of colors?

Question 37
Who am I? – I measure 86 meters long – I was opened in 1914 – I connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Question 38
What is the capital of Brazil?

Question 39
What is a traditional accommodation found in Japan?

Question 40
The Galapagos Islands are part of an archipelago belonging to what country?

Question 41
True or false? Emperor penguins are found in the Arctic.

Question 42
What is the saltiest sea in the world?

Question 43
Which countries are famous for their breathtaking fjords?

Question 44
In which country is the Po River?

Question 45
What is the capital of India?

Question 46
What is the smallest country in the world?

Question 47
In which city is the longest subway system?

Question 48
Which is not an ocean?

Question 49
Which is not a continent?

Question 50
The Canary Islands belong to which country?

Question 51
Madagascar is in which ocean?

Question 52
Which is not a territory in Canada?

Question 53
Which are capitals of the provinces of Canada?

Question 54
Which is not a Great Lake in North America?

Question 55
Which Canadian city is nicknamed “the capital of the dinosaurs”?

Question 56
Which region of Canada is known for its wines, fruits and vegetables?

Question 57
Who am I? – I am a UNESCO site that spans 202 kilometers – I have a chain of 47 locks – I stretch from Ottawa to Kingston

Question 58
Tasmania is located on the south bound of which country?

Question 59
The Earth is divided into how many time zones?

Question 60
In which country is the Komodo National Park, habitat of Komodo dragons.

Question 61
What is the capital of Iceland?

Question 62
Which is not a Scandinavian country?

Question 63
Easter Island belongs to which country?

Question 64
If, during a hotel stay you have chosen the “European plan” (or EP), what meals will be included in your stay?

Question 65
What are we referring to when using the term “Land of Fire”?

Question 66
What is the southernmost city in the world?

Question 67
Where is the origin of the Panama hat?

Question 68
How many beds in a twin room?

Question 69
What is a “TGV”?

Question 70
What is the name of the train going from Paris to London by way of the tunnel under the English Channel?

Question 71
Which country operates the “Bullet Train”?

Question 72
What high-speed train connects Paris to Brussels?

Question 73
How many countries can you cross aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Question 74
Which is the largest cruise ship in the world?

Question 75
Where do we find the Urals?

Question 76
The Atlas Mountains are not found in this country.

Question 77
The code for the Montreal Airport is YUL. What is the airport code of Quebec City?

Question 78
Who am I? – I am a Caribbean island – I am separated into two unequal parts belonging to two European countries – One of those countries is France

Question 79
What are the codes of the two main London airports?

Question 80
What natural obstacle would you encounter while driving between Rabat and Bechar?

Question 81
What date has the least amount of sunshine in Auckland (New Zealand)?

Question 82
In which months of the year will there be rain in Madras?

Question 83
Where is Uluru-Ayers Rock, a monolith of 348 meters high and 9.4 km in circumference?

Question 84
In the Caribbean, which is the only island that has never changed hands during the colonial period?

Question 85
In Ireland, what is the name of the famous panoramic road that circles the Iveragh peninsula south of Killarney?

Question 86
What is the name of the wall erected by the Romans between England and Scotland?

Question 87
On the coast of Northern Ireland, there is a volcanic formation characterized by approximately 40 000 vertical hexagonal columns. What is its name?

Question 88
Dressed in different costumes throughout the year, it is the symbol of the city of Brussels. What is it?

Question 89
In which city can you admire the statue of the little mermaid?

Question 90
In which city can you visit the Anne Frank House?

Question 91
India is the world’s largest banana producer, but which country exports the most?

Question 92
The Dalmatian dog breed was named after the region located in which nation on the east coast of the Adriatic?

Question 93
The Spanish artist Joan Miro created a mosaic adorning what famous pedestrian street in Barcelona?

Question 94
In Europe, what is referred to as the “Romantic Road”?

Question 95
Which castle in Germany inspired Walt Disney’s castle of the Sleeping Beauty?

Question 96
In Austria, this palace is often called “the second Versailles”?

Question 97
What geological formation characterizes the region of Cappadocia in Turkey?

Question 98
What Shrine in Turkey is famous for the blue-colored tiles adorning the interior?

Question 99
Who am I? – I am a reminder of the power of the Czars – I’m on the Red Square – I am a symbol of Russia

Question 100
If one wishes to see Halong Bay, which country must be visited and when?