OPC Test

Question 1
The Consumer Protection Act specifies that a “written or verbal statement made by the representative of a merchant or of a manufacturer respecting goods and services is binding on that merchant or manufacturer.”

Question 2
The travel counsellor who sells travel insurance is acting as a :

Question 3
The client is not required to pay the contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of the Travel Agents (FICAV) for the following products or services:

Question 4
In the specific case of an off-premise purchase (made by telephone or over the Internet), the Consumer Protection Act provides a remedy called:

Question 5
A travel counsellor who is in the employ of a travel agent or has entered into an exclusive contract must hold:

Question 6
The Travel Agents Act does not apply for trips organized in Québec by an association lasting no longer than:

Question 7
A travel agent license will not be issued if

Question 8
A travel agent must display the license issued in his account

Question 9
To renew a license, the travel agent need only pay the duties.

Question 10
Once an agent has given up his license, he can no longer apply for a new license, regardless if he always respected the laws and regulations of the Travel Agents Act.

Question 11
A printed advertisement must indicate if a tour guide is included in the tour.

Question 12
The carrying out of the Travel Agents Act will be supervised by

Question 13
There are two classes of travel agent licenses

Question 14
Licenses and duplicate licenses are issued

Question 15
The licensee may authorize in writing a full-time or part-time member of the travel agent’s staff to perform the banking transactions affecting the trust account.

Question 16
The interest earned from the investments made from the Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages will be refunded to the travel agent.

Question 17
As of July 1, 2012, a person applying for a travel agent license must prepare a declaration

Question 18
Which level of Customer protection was not introduced by the government of Québec?

Question 19
A travel counsellor certificate is issued where the applicant

Question 20
A travel counsellor may work from his or her home and receive customers without holding a travel agent licence

Question 21
A travel counsellor may collect funds from a customer on the account of the travel agent and deposit the funds in trust

Question 22
A travel counsellor may advertise under the name of the travel agent with whom he is employed and include his mobile telephone number

Question 23
A travel counsellor terminates his employment at ABC Travel.

Question 24
The invoice is considered a service contract.

Question 25
The individual security may be provided by

Question 26
A travel agent has sold a holiday vacation package today for travel 3 months from now. 45 days prior to departure, the airline imposes a fuel surcharge causing the price to increase by more than 5%. Under these circumstances,

Question 27
The amount of the individual security shall remain effective for a period of three years from the date of cancellation.

Question 28
One of the following statements does not apply to advertisement on a transactional website provided that the following compulsory mention appears prominently and legibly in a box on the home page: “Prices on our website are valid if you purchase services in a same session. If you log off our website, prices may be different the next time you log on.”

Question 29
When a customer is reserving a vacation 2 months from today, a travel agent must inform the customer of the conditions for reimbursement or non-reimbursements of the sums required before accepting a deposit. This can be done

Question 30
When a travel agent collects funds from a customer, a receipt must be given which must include

Question 31
John Mayor and Brigitte Lussier purchased a vacation from ABC Travel on October 1. The trip will begin January 7 of the following year. The travel agent must provide all documents necessary for the trip

Question 32
A travel agent who does not keep an up-to-date list of travel counsellors working for the agent may be fined between $1000 and $40,000.

Question 33
The Minister responsible for the Consumer Protection Act is responsible for the administration of this Act. The Minister is

Question 34
The customers of travel agents in Québec must contribute to the fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages. The amount of the contribution today is calculated as

Question 35
The Comité consultative des agents de voyages has been established

Question 36
A student doing his on-the-job training in a travel agency does not require a travel counsellor certificate

Question 37
With respect to contracts between travel agents and customers, the travel agent has two levels of contractual obligations. They are the obligation of means and the obligation of result.

Question 38
The client can sue the travel agent in Small Claims Court for amounts under $15000. per person.

Question 39
The cost of a travel counsellor certificate is re-evaluated on May 1 of each year based on the Canadian Consumer Price Index.

Question 40
The cost of the license is determined by the number of employees working for the travel agent.